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Author: Lisa Treutmann

We're a group of wine enthusiasts and on board are:

Rudolf Knoll (Editor-in-chief of Vinum magazine) 
Kelly Khaled (Founder Caracterwines) 
Serge Khaled (Circus Clown of Bottle Circus and also Founder of Caracterwines) 
Janek Schumann (Master of Wine and owner of Herder Zehn and la Vinotheque)
Peer Holm (Sommelier, wine professional, lecturer and consultant) 
Lisa Treutmann (Circus Director and Founder of Bottle Circus) 


Our journey started in the capital Beirut. Beirut is famous for its nightlife and great restaurants… so we wanna come back. 
Our taxi driver, a very slender middle-aged man with many wrinkles on his face and a slight tan, was ready to take off. 

What we didn't know before booking a taxi driver, was the level of craziness that is driving in Lebanon. We thought Georgia has the craziest drivers, well we were sadly mistaken. Lebanon takes the cake! Three lane highways become six. Lanes are just painted lines to purposely be ignored, even without traffic. Turn signals are ignored. Merging is done at any time, at any place. We even saw multiple cars driving the wrong way on highways, driving on the shoulder for 2 KM just to avoid driving to the nearest roundabout. These norms of driving in Lebanon took us some time to get used to and serious hypervigilance.

Visiting Zahle… 

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Zahle is a perfect place for enjoying a lunch or dinner in one of the nicely situated outdoor restaurants next to the Berdawni River, known as Cafes du Berdawni. In addition, the area is full of vineyards and the wineries that can be visited for a tour and wine tasting. If you decide to spend several days in the Beqaa Valley, the city is a good base for exploring the area; it offers several good accommodation options.

Bottle Circus Blog Tag 1 Zahle Abend

Dinner with the Family Ganthous Abou Katar from Coteaux du Liban :) After dinner we went with Roland (22 years old winemaker from Coteaux du Liban) to local bar, where we had our first lebanese beer. Cheers! 

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